Our faith

By designing and implementing experiences based on your true story, we create real value for families with children and for your brand and business. See how kids can feel joy and excitement when we bring your story to life. They can learn, grow, discover new things and make new friends. Families will feel welcome like never before.
We understand kids and treat them with care and respect. They inspire us. Your brand does too. Bring it all together and magic happens.

Customer Cases

We have the best work in the world. Not only do we work for the people of our future, but also with the most inspiring people in fantastic organizations in a broad variety of industries, countries and cultures.


With storytelling as a powerful tool we integrate experiences and communication across all channels in order to build trustworthy relations. Our services span from developing the concept strategy to delivering uniquely designed experiences using playrooms, music, film and books, events, meet & greet, child-care services, digital applications, merchandise and much more. Welcome to the world of True Stories!

A true concept

Let’s make it clear from the start: with children it is easy to go very wrong. If you don’t understand their world, they will not listen. If you are not relevant, they move on. If you do not treat them with honesty and respect they will turn you down. And when you think you’re on it, they have changed. 

Are you taking families with children seriously?

Based on True Stories experiences from working with industry leading companies, we have summarized some of the most important critical success factors to build long-term success with your unique concept. These constitutes the guidelines for organizations to reach set goals, secure quality over time, build internal commitment and unprecedented value for your customers. In combination with well-defined tools and methods these ten CSFs will become the banister in the everyday work.

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We are constantly looking for talented people that would like to join our team. If you have knowledge and experience within working with children, event and project management, storytelling, entertainment, design, illustration and concept development, we would be more than happy to hear from you.

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