Our faith

Children are our future. We need to treat them with respect and listen to their needs. Hand on your heart, do you? 

Every company has an important story to share. If your company has families with children as target group this story has the potential to create unique experiences and memories that lasts for life.


But very few do, and many companies lack the knowledge and the tools how to do so. Technology change, social behavior and range of choices make it even harder to follow and meet the needs of our young generation.


This is what we do. And we know what we do.


At True Stories, we are experts in creating unique, enriching, long-term and profitable concepts for companies that have families with children as a target group. With storytelling as a powerful tool we bring stories alive. We create experiences that build strong relationships with each target group, create sales opportunities and differentiate the brands of leading and international companies. Our customers consistently achieve higher customer satisfaction rates and a more profitable business – and they are able to maintain this performance edge over time.


As a communication agency we integrate experiences and communication across all channels in order to build trustworthy relations. Our services span from developing the concept strategy to delivering uniquely designed experiences using playrooms, music, film and books, events, meet & greet, child-care services, digital applications, merchandise and much more.


If you have a true story to share, we can bring it to life!



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